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Richmond and Hampton Court Palace and Park

Hampton Court Par and Richmond - Short Let London (2)

Elegant Richmond and Hampton Court Palace and Park – 4 things to do on a perfect day out

If you want to enjoy some classic London riverside scenes, then Richmond is the ideal destination. Elegant, charming and historic, this part of London feels like an escape from the metropolis. And it’s also easy to reach on the tube, so it’s an ideal excursion. Our tip for the summer: head out here to step back in time and have a lazy sunny day.

Enjoy a riverside walk at Richmond

We think Richmond’s riverside is one of its best attractions. In fact, with grand Georgian houses looking down over the path, it’s truly a gorgeous part of London. Here, the path follows the lazy bends of the Thames and boats line the bank. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can even take a river cruise – or hire a rowing boat and explore from the water!

Visit Ham House

Following the Thames Path a little further along, you’ll come to an elegant, red brick stately home. This is Ham House, built in the early 1600s. Although you’ll need a ticket to enter, a visit here gives a fascinating glimpse into life in the past. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay outdoors, definitely make time to wander the different gardens, from formal to wild.

Head along to Hampton Court Palace and Park

However, history fans should also head on to nearby Hampton Court Palace. Because this magnificent palace is deservedly one of the most famous in England. Originally begun by Henry VIII, it was expanded in the 17th century. So here you can see a mix of historic styles, beginning with Tudor. And it’s been associated with many kings since Henry VIII. So, it’s packed with exciting history.

You’ll need a ticket to enter this immense palace and parts of its formal gardens. But in return there’s a lot to discover. So definitely allow plenty of time to take it all in.

If you don’t fancy getting a ticket to the Palace, why not spend a lazy afternoon in its nearby Park. This is free to enter and is a deer park. It also has a wild riverside path and glimpses of the Palace as well.

Explore Richmond Park

Alternatively, if you’re in search of real greenery, wander up through Richmond’s historic centre to the huge Royal Park. Among all the Royal Parks, this is the largest. And it has a more natural and wild appearance than the parks in central London. Here you’ll spot deer roaming around, and be able to stroll through grassland.

From here you can also catch views over central London in the distance, rising up behind the trees of the park. A slightly surreal but dreamy sight, and definitely a typical London experience.

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